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CPRHA Year End Rules

1. Championship Year End Awards will be given in the following classes:
Short Stirrup, Youth 10 and Under, Youth 13 and Under, Youth 14-18, Green Rider, Green Reiner 1 & 2, Green Horse, Ladies, Men, Novice Horse 1 & 2, Novice Horse  Non-Pro 1 & 2, Open, Limited Open, Rookie Pro,  Non-Pro, Limited Non-Pro, Prime Time Non-Pro, Rookie 1 & 2, and Prime Time Rookie.  

2. Owner and Rider must be a member of CPRHA before points count toward Year End Awards with the exception of a formal Lease with the NRHA.  The "owner" would be considered the "Leasor"

3. Points will be awarded based on total # of horses in the class ie 24 horses in the class…1st place is awarded 24 points. Horses with a 0 score will be awarded a 0 but will get credit for showing in the class. Points are accumulated on a one-horse one-rider basis (just as NRHA awards Affiliate Points).  Tie breaker: 1. Number of times class was entered. 2.Individual with the highest placings (number of firsts, highest scores, etc.)

4. Horses and Riders must show in the class in which they are attempting to qualify for a CPRHA Year End Award in over ½ of the circuit shows.

5. The Green Rider, Green Horse, Ladies and Mens classes are not NRHA approved classes. Riders do not have to be NRHA members and the horse does not need to have a competition license. Riders starting the pattern one handed must run the entire pattern one handed. Riders starting the pattern two handed must run the entire pattern two handed. Either way is acceptable. To be eligible for the Green Rider class, the entrant must not have won a reining class at the start of the year except in local 4-H competition or local open shows. Also, the rider must not have won over $100 in reining competition.

Green Horses must not have won a reining class at the start of the year or won over $100 in Reining competition. Before entering in a Green Horse or Green Rider class, each exhibitor will be expected to complete a Green Rider and/or Green Horse Declaration Form This form can be completed when registering and will only need to be filled out once a year. The CPRHA Board reviews the right to review these declarations.

To see the NRHA Affiliate Qualifying rules go to and click the program tab then click on Affiliate. Please read this section in its entirety if you are interested in showing at the Regional Affiliate Finals and the North American Affiliate Finals.

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